Google to build $600 million data center in Iowa.

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Google to build $600 million data center in Iowa.

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SEATTLE (Reuters) - Google Inc. plans to spend $600 million to build a
data center in western Iowa, the latest site in a massive network of
server farms holding the hundreds of thousands of computers which run
its Web services.

Construction of the new data center in Council Bluffs has started and
Google plans to start operations by spring of 2009, Iowa Governor Chet
Culver announced in a news release. Google said the region is a busy
crossroads of Internet activity.

The western Iowa facility, which sits on nearly 1,200 acres of land, with
room for expansion, will employ about 200 workers whose responsibility
will be to keep the facility running 24 hours a day.

Google declined to offer specific details about its network of data centers,
but said it has "dozens" of facilities around the world, including recently
announced projects in Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Data centers, also known as server farms, are nondescript buildings filled
with row upon row of computer servers, data storage and network
systems. They provide the infrastructure to power a variety of Web
services, ranging from online video to hosted e-mail to Internet search.

Google and other Web heavyweights like Microsoft Corp. are capitalizing
on the declining cost of computing power and data storage to build
enormous data centers in areas with cheap electricity. These companies
see data centers as a competitive way to differentiate from smaller
Internet service providers that can't afford to make the heavy up-front
investments in infrastructure.

MidAmerican Energy Co., which will supply the electricity to the facility,
would not say how much electricity the data center will consume, citing a
confidentiality agreement with Google.

The energy company recently completed the expansion of its coal-fired
plant in Council Bluffs, which can produce over 1,300 megawatts.

Separately, Google told a news conference in Paris that the Mountain
View, California-based company aims to cut or offset all of its
greenhouse emissions by the end of the year. It is the latest in a string of
corporations seeking to cutback emissions gases that scientists link to global warming.


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one day, google is going to take over the world...

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makes you pray to god that they stay with their motto, "Don't be evil"...
though I'd rather see a world controlled by google then microsoft...

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saurabh wrote:one day, google is going to take over the world...