Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0066 via auto-update

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Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0066 via auto-update

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As you can read here (, Microsoft has started to distribute Windows Live Messenger Beta Build 8.1.0066 to its testers. Contrary to what we learned yesterday, the Show my location location feature is still present (now opening in the browser) but the installation indeed takes longer, as expected.

While we haven't found any other apparent changes in this specific build, we have learned about two new features in the Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta. Messer MattNotley discovered that conversation windows do not have to be closed anymore when you set your status to Appear Offline. And deAd pointed us to a Frequently used display pictures menu inside the conversation window (click the little arrow left underneath your current DP). Both nice improvements if you ask me.

Finally, several Messers have reported the leaked Beta to be fake because it's still referred to as 8.0 at various locations inside software. Heck, there's even a mention of Windows Live Messenger 7.5! We won't claim all versions out there are genuine, but we can confirm that somebody at Microsoft did a very hasty search & replace job on the original Beta!

Together with Microsoft we do not recommend upgrading to this version unless you're an official Beta-tester.

i still haven't been asked to update