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 PostPost subject: == Common filename tags ==        Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:32 pm 
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Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:28 pm

Here's a list of the tags I use to name the filenames, not everyone might know what they all mean. I use these to separate various editions of software, but also to note any special info, such as year but also distributor (OEM's etc), architectures and what media it was shipped on. Not every abbreviation is mentioned here since some of them are quite self-explanatory.

If anyone has suggestions for changes or additions please PM me and I will add it.


(alpha) = A very rough version of the software with most functions unimplemented. (pre-alpha) is also used for an earlier version.

(beta) = A more developed version from alpha where most major functions are implemented. Variants are (beta1), (beta2) etc denoting the beta version.

(rc) = Release Candidate. All functions are implemented and the product is considered to be finished unless any major bugs appear. Final testing version. Variants are (rc1), (rc2) etc.

(ctp) = Community Technology Preview. A public test version of software, common with Microsoft products.

(prototype) = Similar to (alpha) and (beta), but used with console roms. Will be deprecated in favor of (beta) where it can be applied.

(chk) = Checked, or Debug. A special compile of a software which enables debugging features, or designed for connected debugging hardware.

(sp1) = Service Pack 1. Some software may include a service pack. Variants are (sp1), (sp2) etc denoting service pack level.

(dp1) = Developer Preview 1. Similar to (alpha). Early versions of software designed for developers only. Variants are (dp1), (dp2) etc denoting the developer version.

(m1) = Milestone 1. A very early version where some major features are tested and implemented. Usually assigned to software that has reached an important development stage. Variants are (m3), (m6) etc denoting the milestone stage.

(dr1) = Developer Release 1. Same as (dp1).

(pr1) = Preview Release 1. Similar to (beta).

(pp1) = Public Preview 1.

(tp) = Technology Preview.


(axp) = Alpha AXP, also known as DEC Alpha. DEC's 64bit RISC implementation.

(ia64) = Intel Itanium, also formerly known as IA-64 and now as Intel64.

(x86) = The common Intel 8086 (and above) architecture.

(x64) = The 64bit extensions of x86. Also known as x86-64, IA-32e and EM64T. AMD calls it AMD64 which is what x86-64 is based on.

(mips) = "Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages". MIPS Technologies RISC implementation.

(m68k) = Software made for the Motorola 68000 processor series. Common with legacy Macintosh, Amiga and Atari software.

(ppc) = Software made for the Apple-Motorola-IBM PowerPC processor series including IBM PowerPC G5.

Media storage:

(3½) = Floppy image of a 3½ floppy disk. Sizes are 720kb, 1.44MB and 2.88MB, but also any of the non-standard sizes such as 820kb, 1.68MB and 1.72MB. If there are multiple versions of the same format the size is added to the format, i.e (3¼-800kb).

(5¼) = Floppy image of a 5¼ floppy disk. Sizes are 160kb, 180kb, 320kb, 360kb and 1.2MB.

(CD) = ~650MB CD-ROM including all "overburn" sizes. Only used when there's a copy on an alternate media, such as (3½) or (5¼).

(DVD) = ~4.4GB or ~8.2GB discs. Only used when there's a copy on an alternate media, such as (CD).

[VHD] = Virtual Hard Drive. A virtual image of a harddrive with pre-installed software, usable in a virtual environment such as Virtual PC, VMWare and Virtualbox.


[HP-UX] = HP's implementation of UNIX System V.

[OS2] = Software designed for IBM OS/2 series of operating systems.

(xxx OEM) = Original Equipments Manufacturer. Used when a piece of software has been specially adapted by a company, or for a particular brand of hardware, xxx is replaced by the manufacturer name.

(alt) = Alternative. There might be versions that differ in such a way that I can't determine the real differences, or it may be identical software distributed on identical media but packaged differently. These needs to be identified and tagged properly.

(MSDN) = Microsoft Developer Network. Special version or packaging done by Microsoft for their MSDN service.

(incomplete) = The software package is incomplete, lacking critical parts to make it work. Completing these packages are of highest priority.

[!] = A release that needs immediate replacement. It may look and act correctly but something may be wrong, such as date/time stamp, ISO structure, folder layout etc.

[GDR] = General Distribution Release.

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