Windows Live Messenger 8.1 managed beta

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Windows Live Messenger 8.1 managed beta

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Dear Windows Live Messenger Beta Tester,

As we get closer to the final release of Windows Live Messenger + Yahoo! Messenger Interoperability, it is time that the managed beta comes to close. We appreciate your contributions to this beta and for putting the voice of the customer into this monumental feature. With your help we were able to identify key issues with the servers that have since been fixed, leading to a better experience for all Windows Live customers. Additionally, you helped us identify key bug fixes that you should expect to see in the next version Windows Live Messenger.

What's next? We have closed the bug form and will be closing the newsgroups shortly. We also have one final survey that we would like you to take.

Haven't had enough beta testing? Join the Windows Live Messenger 8.1 managed beta. We were so pleased with you during this beta, we would like to invite you to our next beta offering. To join the Windows Live Messenger 8.1 beta, follow these instructions:

1. Go to
2. Sign into Passport with your Connect account
3. Click on the Invitations link
4. Enter the following invitation ID: *
5. Click the Go button

If you have any questions or problems you can contact us at


The Windows Live Messenger beta team

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I just got one of these, and I got one a few weeks ago.