Pre-installed NT 4 1234 Server

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Pre-installed NT 4 1234 Server

Post by Namronia »

Im having a lot of problems installing nt 4 beta build 1234 server, like "too many cylinders" and so on, i was trying last few weeks, whatever, could anyone install it and upload the vm for me..?


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Post by Thlump »

I don't know if this helps, but did you try to install it on MS Virtual Server 2005?

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Post by Frozenport »

What kind of VM?

Is this some strange limit of NTFS 1.1. How large is the virtual disk you are trying to make? Have you tried installing the OS on a 1 gig partition?
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The Distractor

Post by The Distractor »

First try and install the OS in a 2GB partition and see what happens..

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Post by os2fan2 »

You may need to create a smaller partition for Windows NT 4, and install it in the first 4G.

I remember about replacing some files in the install, that will allow you to install it on a diskette of any size. (atapi.sys thing).

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Post by XDude »

NTFS 1.0 has a restriction of 4GB
FAT16 has a restriction of 2GB
FAT32 is allowed on NT SP4+ and it could be any size. But Size greater than 32GB is slow. (I'm not sure about this one, this option is allowed on WIndows 98/Me since it doesn't support NTFS)


Post by Namronia »

well... ive been trying 2gb and under and always the same... the smallest one i tried was about 200mb and still the same...

and its the same on vmware/virtualpc/virtual server...

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