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 PostPost subject: Trident3D        Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:32 pm 
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well, winpc just found those screenshots (thanks to him again): ... 5-003.html

it seems like its an addon for windows 98, does anybody ever really heard more about it. i already wrote about but i want a build :D

 PostPost subject:        Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:07 am 
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Wed Oct 24, 2007 12:21 am



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Neptune/Whistler2419/Linux Mint
its damn cool! anyways its japanese , heres a translation from babelfish

“WinHEC 98” of predicate (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) with, up-to-date technology “Chrome” of the schedule which is added to Internet Explorer was announced. “The add-on in order development cord/code name “Chrome”, is called alias “Trident 3D”, to add high performance multimedia performance to Windows 98” is, it is the technology which shows “the platform which offers the Web based interactive multimedia contents of the next generation”, (the picture 17). It was distributed to for the picture 17 developer the starting picture “of Chrome SDK” It is the case that it becomes possible concretely, to describe 3D object with the tag of XML by loading “the Add-in” product onto Internet Explorer, making use of [hadoueaakuserareshiyon] due to Direct3D, to move 3D object in the browser. Those where it is introduced with WinHEC 98 are the function “of Chrome 1”. Microsoft has thought of the road map to “of Chrome 4” already, adjusting to the evolution of the hardware, it is the plan that it expands Chrome. Approximately 2 years are spent by the development of Chrome, release is called 1998 latter half. The web page which utilizes 3 dimensional graphics in full by loading Chrome, becomes construction possible. In other words, it is the case that it becomes possible to call the function of DirectX from the HTML tag. With Chrome, when the HTML file is drawn up, in the same feeling, the XML tag is described. With Chrome, it is used with Direct3D, the “DirectX media format” (alias “X format”) you use. Of course, same as Dynamic HTML of Internet Explorer 4, VBScript or JScript was used, also control of the 3D object by the script becomes possible. With Chrome, there is no distinction such as the script for Chrome and the script for DHMTL, it is possible to handle the 3D object of Chrome or the 2D object of Dynamic HTML without distinction, (the picture 18~24). The platform which offers the Web based interactive multimedia contents of the picture 18~24 next generation, in other words the answering “of 3D conversion of web browsing”, is Chrome technology

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