[Offer] Windows Small Business Server 2008 RC0

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[Offer] Windows Small Business Server 2008 RC0

Post by Leon »

MS Send me a partner email today, and it included a link to these downloads (Should be allowed to be shared)

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And no - this isn't a final release, its a "Public Preview"
CD-Keys: (Its pre-release, so its ok?):

Code: Select all

Use the following product key to activate your trial of the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Public Preview software. 

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard Product Key: YH2BV-9YMTM-MP7DC-KDCH4-FC9C3

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium Product Key:

    * 1st Server: YH2BV-9YMTM-MP7DC-KDCH4-FC9C3
    * 2nd Server: 242HC-R6RR6-WM2M8-J4BMK-7VV9R

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Post by Daniel »

You should change the topic's title - there is a typo in it

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Post by XDude »

anyone could get them by visiting MS's website, you don't need an email

but who had installed them?

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