Mac OS X 10.1

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Mac OS X 10.1

Post by benny1091 »

Does anybody know of a place where I could download Mac OS X 10.1? I need this for my iBook and I can't find it anywhere. If this is warez, please let me know and delete this topic. Thanks in advance

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Post by Bender »

This is indeed Warez, and I'm closing the topic.
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Vista Ultimate R2
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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

Note too that OS X version 10.1 is a very old, slow and buggy OS that cannot run any remotely modern Mac software (OS 9 actually probably has a wider choice of apps) - you should be looking to run at least 10.3 and preferably 10.4 (or 10.5 if it's a G4 iBook) as they are infinitely better OSes. Any iBook can run OS X 10.4.11, G4s can also run 10.5.