[Offer] Rockman X4 (Japanese) [PC Version]

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[Offer] Rockman X4 (Japanese) [PC Version]

Post by HorrorTroll »

I got this from long ago, fully Japanese for PC Version. I was try search on internet for some info, but only found USA version.

Port same like PS1, but X & Zero voice are broken (this is a bug from developer, voice file was wrong arrangement). Boss voice not disabled, but OP cutscene using USA one (maybe happen something with contract)

And this release can only install on 16/32-bit Windows, 64-bit doesn't work like USA version.

Download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YgARr ... k5sUetG-jV
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Re: [Offer] Rockman X4 (Japanese) [PC Version]

Post by mrpijey »

Thank you, but unfortunately I can't accept the upload as it's not properly archived.
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