[REQUEST] mtXinu Mach386 2.5/2.6

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[REQUEST] mtXinu Mach386 2.5/2.6

Post by User5274 »

Hello, I've found a website about Mach386: https://www.retrosys.net/
There were also download links, but they are dead now. Does anybody still have installation floppies of Mach386?

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Re: [REQUEST] mtXinu Mach386 2.5/2.6

Post by warezit2000 »

The FTP linked from https://www.retrosys.net/index.php/7-mt ... stribution is still up, but a lot of the subdirectories (including the ones for mach386) return a 550 error and cannot be accessed. The filenames are mentioned in this README, but they don't seem to be available anywhere else. There is a contact email for the author at the end of the README -- maybe you could try to reach out to him? There's a lot of potentially interesting stuff on this FTP server, including material for various older UNIX systems, IBM mainframe, etc.

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Re: [REQUEST] mtXinu Mach386 2.5/2.6

Post by louisw3 »

I emailed him.

He opened up the directories that don't have any private info.

It installs on VMware fine.

It's great!
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Re: [REQUEST] mtXinu Mach386 2.5/2.6

Post by Darkstar »

Mt.Xinu 3.0 was uploaded to archive.org here a few days ago
I upload stuff to archive.org from time to time. See here for everything that doesn't fit BA

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