[OFFER] Some MSDN Discs and other MS Stuff
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Author:  Blackvista [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:35 pm ]
Post subject:  [OFFER] Some MSDN Discs and other MS Stuff

Hello folks,

I have got some old MSDN stuff.
I'm not quite sure how useful these discs are and if they're already on the ftp.

But here's a list anyway. If something is needed I'll try to dump the discs and I'll make scans.

I have:

Visual Studio 6.0, Enterprise Edition, Dics 1&2, French releases from January 2001. The Disc1 is market as

Disk0237 and the Disc2 - as Disk0238.
Part.No. of Disk1 is X06-11166 and the Part.No. of Disk2 is X06-11176

MSDN Library, Visual Studio 6.0a Edition, Disc1 and Disc 2. Again, French releases from JAN2001. Disc1

marked as Disc0242 and Disc2 - Disc0243.
PartN: Disc1 - X06-11181 / Disc2 - X06-11182

Microsoft Visio 2000 SR-1, Enterprise Edition, Disc 1 and 2, French releases from JAN2001. Discs 0674

(DISC1) and 0675(DISC2).
PartN: Disc1/X06-25168 ; Disc2/X06-25169

MSDN Library for Microsoft Office 2000 Developer, Disc 1 and 2, French releases from JAN2001. Disc0246 and

PartN: Disc1 - X06-11185 ; Disc2 - X06-11186

Microsoft Project 2000, French release from JAN2001, Disc 0254
PartN: X06-11193

Microsoft Visio 2000 SR-1 Versions, French releases from JAN2001, Disc0253
PartN: X06-11192

Microsoft Office 2000 Developer SR-1, French release from JAN2001, Disc0245
PartN: X06-11184

Windows 2000 Developer Readiness Kit, MSDE for Visual Studio 6.0 Developer Training, French release from

JAN2001, Disc 0244
PartN: X06-11183

Microsoft Office 2000 Premium SR-1, DISC3: PhotoDraw, Disc1 Office Server Extensions; French release from

JAN2001, Disc 0251

Microsoft Office 2000 Premium SR-1, DISC4:PhotoDraw Disc2; French release from JAN2001, Disc 0252

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standart Edition ; PartN:X11-70632

Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Standart Edition; PartN:X11-70635

Microsoft MSDN Library; Year of release - 2005; Part.N: X11-70636

Service Pack 4 CD for Windows NT4.0 - PartN: X03-46836

Windows NT4.0 Option Pack ; PartN:X03-43891

Windows NT Server Verison 4.0 ; Has the logo of the Windows Backoffice printed on the cd; PartN:94377

Microsoft Front Page 98; PartN:X03-22671

Microsoft Windows Vista , February CTP (AKA. Build 5308) X64 and the same in X86 variant; from 2006. Part N-x64: x11.97947;

Part N-x86 : x11.97939

The last one is on the FTP already, but I'm not sure if it came from an original DVD like the one I have or not.

If you want me to scan and dump something, comment after the post and I'll do my best to make it happen ASAP. I'll try to install everything and confirm it works properly before do anything next.

The reason not to do this already is because I don't have so much time and if it's not worth it for the community - there's no reason for me to do anything :)

Best regards,


Author:  mrpijey [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [OFFER] Some MSDN Discs and other MS Stuff

Well, any releases we don't have are interesting, so if you have already checked against our FTP and notice something is missing then we would a dump very much. Anything worth preserving is valued by the community.

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