[OFFER] Windows 3.1 Beta 61d Special Video Driver

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[OFFER] Windows 3.1 Beta 61d Special Video Driver

Post by Namronia »

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	    Tseng ET3000 - Windows 3.0 and 3.0a Display Drivers
                     PRERELEASE Windows 3.1 BETA 061d

The instructions below apply to Windows 3.0 as supplied on 5 1/4" HD diskette
media. The included drivers will support Windows 3.1 FINAL BETA 061d release,
for additional information see the README.W31 file.


Follow the instructions contained in the WIN30DRV.DOC file to install the
Tseng ET3000 display drivers.


To use the Tseng ET3000 Windows drivers you need to copy the files on the
supplied ET3000 driver diskette to the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory.

After you copy the files, change the display configuration from within Windows
itself to one of the extended drivers.
See the Windows documentation for further information.


If you have Windows 3.0, you also need to copy the SETUP.W30 file as SETUP.INF
before you run the SETUP program.

If you have Windows 3.0a, you also need to copy the SETUP.W3A file as SETUP.INF
before you run the SETUP program.

When you run the Windows Setup to change to a different driver Windows may
prompt you for some of the Windows Installation diskettes. The drivers use 
display fonts which are contained on the standard Windows distribution

The enclosed drivers are generic and should work with most ET3000 based boards.
The drivers have various display memory requirements and of course your display
monitor must be able to support the resolution you select.

The drivers support the following:
 Resolution	Mode 	Minimum display     Driver name         Windows Font
                (HEX)   memory required

 640x480x2	11h          256kb	    VGAMONO.DRV  **     VGA
 640x480x16	12h          256kb          VGA.DRV      **     VGA
 800x600x16	29h	     256kb          VGA364.DRV          8514
 800x600x16	29h	     256kb          VGA364S.DRV         VGA
1024x768x16	37h	     512kb          VGA374.DRV          8514
 640x480x256	2Eh	     512kb          VGA348.DRV          VGA
 800x600x256	30h	     512kb          VGA368.DRV          8514
 800x600x256	30h	     512kb          VGA368S.DRV         VGA

** uses Windows 3.0 or 3.0a supplied VGA driver

It is important that the drivers be installed properly, replacement
grabbers (GR2 extension) and Virtual-Display-Device handler (386 extension) are
included to properly support the extended feature set of the ET3000 VGA chip.
does anyone need?

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Post by Gnome »

Please upload to Ba and me.
Not saying i need it but might aswell be there


Post by Namronia »

Ok, its uploaded

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