[Offer] 10 Cyberscape CD portfolio

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[Offer] 10 Cyberscape CD portfolio

Post by Beta_Train »

Okay, this came with my very first PC. I do not know if it is warez or not(Over 10 years old) and is not supported anymore I don't think.
Well heres whats on the discs:
1. The Real Deal card games
2. Automotive Almanac
3. Internet Online (Not a free internet service, it shows you how to use the internet )
4. Home Office Assistant
5. 1997 Groiler multimedia encyclopedia
6. SMS reference Library
7. Cyberspeed - The futures ultimate grand prix
8. Family Dictionary
9. The Animals! 2.0
And last but not least!...
10. Al Unser Jr.

Most of these discs were not even used. If anyone has any interest I can upload ( I just need the info )

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