Chasm: The Rift

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Chasm: The Rift

Post by Antagonist »

Hi, i've found an old beta of this FPS made by Action Forms, a russian game studio, known for their Carnivores game series.

This is the official website:

And here is the demo test v 1.02, which i bought 1996 on two 3.5" disks, one year before the retail version of the game hit the shelves: ...

Feel free to host it on your own servers.

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Re: Chasm: The Rift

Post by AndiNo »

I have collected a handful of different demo versions of Chasm. The most common demo on the internet is version 2.20 which can still be easily found. I have uploaded the following:

Demo 1.02 (the same as in the above post)

Demo 1.05

Demo 1.32

And if anyone's interested in Chasm maybe he'll find something here ... _files.htm. This is possibly the only Chasm fansite out there :)

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Re: Chasm: The Rift

Post by Alpha-Critik »

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