Quake 3 Early cut player model?

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Quake 3 Early cut player model?

Post by mr_human21 »

I found it in some of old screenshots here https://www.quakehaus.com/archiv/quake3 ... wlost.html Here's how it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/NYNXqcv.png By the way, the picture i provided is upscaled using topaz gigapixel ai. Anyone thinks that it could have been cut for being too "Scary"?

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Re: Quake 3 Early cut player model?

Post by LEOTCK »

https://www.quakehaus.com/archiv/quake3 ... eta_31.jpg

Oh my god yes look at those glasses and the evil expression, that's the most scary player model ever.


But seriously, I dunno if being "too scary" would have been a reason. Maybe ask someone from the dev team.

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Re: Quake 3 Early cut player model?

Post by dezodor »

Maybe its due to the low quality, which is definitely 'scary' :D Probably playability and overal quality was the main reason.
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