StarFox 2

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StarFox 2

Post by papillo »

StarFox 2 was an almost finished sequel for the Super Nintendo, but because of the launch of the Nintendo 64 it was cancelled and never released. This game has almost everything better compared to the original StarFox, and it is a very rare rom for the Snes. You can download it from here:

StarFox 2: ... einfo.html


teriaki 511

Post by teriaki 511 »

yeah and btw, i forget where i found it, but there is a patch that removes the debug stuff, removes a couple bugs, and "completes" the game too, but its only for the most complete versions of the rom, ill upload it as soon as i find it

EDIT:found it if anyone cares...

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Post by Evan »

Hmm very interesting. I had the old version of zsnes that was edited to make this rom work years ago, nice to know someone tried to fix it.
Evan supports minimal Sigs! :P.

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