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 PostPost subject: Posting in 30 day or older topics.        Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:56 pm 
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Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:17 pm


Western Australia

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I think the rule about not being allowed to post in topics over 30 days is pointless. It should either be extended to 60 days or changed to 30 days or on first page(excluding stickies).

Reasons Why:
  • The first page is seen first. People rarely search the second page for 'New Info'.
  • The posts over 1 month old are still read and people may have valid information or updates that they can not post in the original topic, therefore a new topic is created and the other information is locked.
  • If we can't post in topics 30 days or older, why aren't they locked then or sent to and old posts section?

Quote from Rules:

Old Topics
5. Try not bring up old topics (this includes bumping). Old topics are considered to be one month old or more from the last post made. Only reply with comments or questions worth mentioning. Do not reply to old topics if the reply is pointless, eg "lol thats funny" or any other pointless comment that could just bump up post count. People consistently posting in old topics with pointless comments risk being banned.

Should change from:
Only reply with comments or questions worth mentioning.

Only reply with comments or questions worth mentioning or more information.

Does anyone have a valid reason as to why this rule is in place? Please post your thoughts on this topic.

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 PostPost subject: Re: Posting in 30 day or older topics.        Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 5:03 pm 
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Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:47 am


Merseyside, United Kingdom

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The rule is in place for several reasons, and has been since the site opened. It prevents spamming and pointless posts by new members such as yourself (not that your comment was spamming, but all the same...), and it stops people bringing up a topic that is no longer active. If your comment contained lots of information or was not just a general comment, but rather valid discussion, I would have ignored it and you would not have received a warning. However, since it didn't really contain that much of a worthy comment, its just seen as "making a post for the hell of it". Its not valid contribution, and therefore is deemed pointless.

The rule won't be changed, as its been in effect since the site opened and is a very effective spam/pointless post deterrent. It was decided long ago by myself, users and moderators, that 30 days since the last post is long enough to make the topic deemed "finished" and done with. We used to lock all topics over 30 days old, but we stopped doing that when people had valid contributions to make to fairly old topics.

I'd also like to note that only 2 of your posts so far are actually considered "contributing" posts, the others are just post count bumpers in non-beta related topics. Another reason why the topic you replied to that was over 1 month old was locked. If it were a beta related topic, it most likely would have been more contributing and thus left unlocked.


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