FTP access with physical media

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FTP Access
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FTP access with physical media

Post by tcm1448 »

I have a bunch of different demo and beta discs for different console games from xbox, xbox 360, PS1, and PS2. After uploading one would this be usable for a request for FTP access? Some of the demo builds were publicly available builds meaning you could freely get them through various means like magazines. For the beta builds most of them were internal developer builds. Anything excluded from requests from any of that?

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Re: FTP access with physical media

Post by Edness »

With non-retail stuff it's a bit trickier to get access, but assuming you can provide stuff such as proper dumps/good quality scans (in other words - proof of authenticity) I don't think there should be much of an issue getting access.
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Re: FTP access with physical media

Post by oscareczek »

Betas are always good, just follow the dumping guidelines.

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Re: FTP access with physical media

Post by Voyambar »

Betas will not get you FTP access according to mrpijey UNLESS it is a factory pressed disk meaning it has to have a ringcode on it. If it doesn't have a ringcode on it then that means its not factory pressed and while it may be accepted into BA it wont get you FTP access.

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