Complete your upload with a note ?

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Complete your upload with a note ?

Post by olivier »


I'm going through the last part of how to make a proper upload and I came across this part:

"Once you finished uploading your release or batch make a "Completed" or "Finished" folder indicating it's ready for processing."

I'm confused about where should I create this folder ?

And Should I name it "Completed" or "Finished" ?

How to create it ?

I need more clarification please.

Thank you!

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Re: Complete your upload with a note ?

Post by ATeamInc »

Simply create a "completed" folder in the directory in which you uploaded your files to ensure that your files can be retreived (or incomplete uploads can be broken).
NOTE: If you use FileZilla, simply create a directory on the server. If this doesn't work, you can upload a readme file indicating you have completed.

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