Image uploader thumbnail size

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Do you think the thumbnails are too big?

No, keep them as they are
Yes, resize to 100px width
No votes
Yes, resize to 150px width
Yes, resize to 200px width
No votes
Yes, resize to 250px width
No votes
Yes, resize to 300px width
Total votes: 12

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Image uploader thumbnail size

Post by Andy »

I've been thinking about this for some time now and I think the thumbnail images are a little too big and that now would be a good time to change the script to make them smaller.

Does anybody agree? If so what size do you think it should be set to?

This is a good idea because not only does it reduce the bandwidth usage but also loading time and I can also resize the current images to the new size to further increase the savings. However once this is done, it would be hard to go back. However I think its a good idea.

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Post by fzajac »

Thumbs are fine. I dont see why someone should say they are too big... I dont like on other sites when you click on a 100x100 px thumb and you are even not sure what have you clicked

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Post by DanielC »

I have images set to 500 in width on my forum, personally I think that's the best size.
I don't like seeing loads of small images, nor do I like huge ones that stretch the page.
Having said that, bandwidth has never been an issue for me ...
~ Dan

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Post by Vista Ultimate R2 »

I think the current size is quite good as you can quite often see the image enough without having to click it, open a new tab etc, whereas if they were smaller you wouldn't be able to see much and would always have to open the full-size version.

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Post by Koptor »

more like its too slow amirite
lol, internet

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