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Server backups

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:34 am
by Andy
Hi all,

To reduce the risk of data loss if the server should ever fail, I have now set the backup program to backup the MySQL database once per hour and keep up to 4 days worth of backups. This also means that if any corruption happens on the forum, eg hacking, I can restore the latest backup that does not have the problems.

The server does a daily backup anyway but I decided that since the community is getting more popular, one backup a day is not enough.

You may notice the forum being slow for a few minutes on the hour every hour. This is the backup taking place. The backup process is set to lowest priority to allow smoother running of the website, but you may still experience some slow down for which I apologise for now.

I hope you agree with all of the above.

Andy (Admin)