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 PostPost subject: Re: Removal of all Nintendo content        Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:36 pm 
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Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:32 am



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JackArchive wrote:
But what if a legitimate copy of a game I'm interested in playing is too expensive in the current markets and there's no other way of obtaining one at a fairer price? Does that translate to "Too bad, go back to watching YouTube videos of someone else playing it"?

It really does.
JackArchive wrote:
Also personally retaining a copy is more in the lines of "collecting" than it is "preserving". Sure "collecting" is technically archiving a work, but it's up to the individual's discretion to keep it secure and in public consciousness, rather than "preserving" where a work is kept safe in the best form available thanks to community effort like here in BetaArchive. Granted it depends on the scarcity and other factors, but it's assuming the work is scarce and/or commonly scalped.

I feel that it is more nuanced than that; all preservation starts with the individual. As you realize here there is little incentive for even this community, for instance, to make an effort to keep certain works in public consciousness (even if these works are safe for now).
JackArchive wrote:
Not implying that my definition of "preservation" is synonymous with piracy, by the way. Just as long as there's community consciousness of keeping the work in check and out of the wrong hands to ensure a copy of it doesn't get illegaly distributed (or even worse, illegaly sold). However, I understand we don't live in a perfect world so my definition is bound to have flaws more than anything.

Unfortunately I would argue that it is synonymous with copyright infringement just as an example with that, for want of a better term, competitor—what was its name? WinWorldPC?—would be synonymous. With the latter example with the competitor this is exacerbated by the distribution of licenses (which BetaArchive admittedly fights tooth and nail to prohibit (e.g., if memory serves licenses are prohibited from being posted on the forum)). Community efforts such as this actually facilitate the unauthorized distribution of software.

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