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6.0.5601.0.sbs_cougar_rtm.080812-1706_amd64fre_server-sbsstandard_retail_en-us (alt)

Appears in Abandonware   /   Operating Systems   /   PC (Digital)   /   Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008
Release Date 2021/07/11
Last Modified 2023/07/06
Uploader Anonymous
Size 14.35 GB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type iso
Source Media Microsoft MSDN


Disc01 - Server Installation
Disc02 - Component Technologies for Server Repair
Disc03 - Additional Server Technologies (x86)
Disc04 - Additional Server Technologies (x64)
Disc05 - SQL Server 2008 Standard


Coming Soon


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Disc02.rar 2.54 GB 4 downloads Login required
Disc03.rar 1.88 GB 4 downloads Login required
Disc04.rar 2.67 GB 4 downloads Login required
Disc05.rar 3.26 GB 3 downloads Login required
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