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1996 - Volume 10 (For OS2 Systems)

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Release Date 2023/01/06
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IBM Developer Connection
Volume 10, 1996

Seven CD-ROMs in a small ring binder with an instruction booklet, IBM part
number 83H9808. Booklet P/N 83H9810.

Unlike earlier releases, the package is called simply IBM Developer
Connection, and the LAN Systems CDs no longer use separate numbering.
And unlike some earlier releases, the CDs are again mastered using
an ISO-9660 file system, not High Sierra.

Four CDs contain The Developer Connection for OS/2 Volume 10:

DISC 1 P/N 83H9812. Center marking: 83H9812 ++ 67122-05
DISC 2 P/N 83H9813. Center marking: 83H9813 ++ 67139-04
DISC 3 P/N 83H9814. Center marking: 83H9814 ++ 67143-01
DISC 4 P/N 83H9815. Center marking: 83H9815 ++ 67111-01

The file devcon-10-os2.txt contains CD-ROM contents description extracted
from the file INSTALL\DEVCON.CAT on the first OS/2 CD.

Further two CDs in the ring binder are the Developer Connection for
LAN Systems Volume 10:

DISC 1 P/N 83H9817. Center marking: 83H9817 ++ 67114-01
DISC 2 P/N 83H9818. Center marking: 83H9818 ++ 67115-01

The file devcon-10-lan.txt is a copy of CONTENTS.LAN on the first
Developer Connection for LAN Systems CD.

The last CD in the ring binder is the Developer Connection for AIX Volume 10:

DISC 1 P/N 83H9819. Center marking: 83H9819 ++ 67135-02

The file devcon-10-aix.txt is a copy of /Welcome/aixcont.txt on
the AIX CD.


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