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PFS Plan A00 (1984-09-01) [English] (5.25"-320KB)

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Release Date 2015/11/02
Last Modified 2015/11/02
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 485.95 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type kryoflux scp cp2 transcopy
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Floppy


PFS Plan Version A:00
Released in 1984 by Software Publishing Corporation.
For select MS-DOS computers

Image quality: Used

PFS: PLAN is a computer program that you can use for all types of
numerical planning, tracking, analyzing, and reporting . With PLAN,
you organize your numerical data into rows and columns, creating a
report called a worksheet

PLAN is integrates with the other programs in the PFS Family of

PLAN is powerful enough to serve most planning needs, yet it is easy
to learn and use. PLAN uses plain English, making it easy to type
your worksheet and to understand it after you've typed it.

This archive contains one 320K floppy disk image.

Important: this disk contains copy protection. Raw and ImageDisk
formats will not recreate usable media.  (The copy protection uses an
intentional duplicate sector on track 5 head 0)

Note: This disk is formatted for DOS 1.x, and may not open in 

Works with PC-DOS 1.1, MS-DOS 1.25 or higher.




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