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Microsoft Home CD Sampler (1995-09) [English] (CD)

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Release Date 2013/09/29
Last Modified 2023/04/22
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Microsoft(r) Home CD Sampler README Document
September 1995
(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1995

If you would like more information on how to obtain the products shown on the Microsoft Home CD Sampler, Please call Microsoft's Customer Service Department at 1-800-426-9400.

For optimal viewing of this file with most text editors (including Notepad), select the Word Wrap option. 

What is the Microsoft Home CD Sampler?
System Requirements
Startup Instructions

Microsoft Home CD Sampler is a CD-ROM based multimedia catalog of Microsoft Home products that allows you to explore information on business applications, games, reference materials, programming languages, on-line forums on the Microsoft Network and children's software products available from Microsoft. 

It provides you with access to: 
	* An overview of each product 
	* Product features information 
	* System requirements 
	* The ability to view product demonstrations
	* "Try These" information about other similar or complementary products 
	* Various free software and shortcuts to on-line services
	* "Try These" information about other similar or complementary products 
	o   Either of the following:
		Microsoft Windows(r) 95
		Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher (Using MS-DOS 3.1 or higher) 
	o   386DX/25 processor or higher processor 
	o   4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended) 
	o   CD-ROM drive (double speed or better recommended)  
	o   Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
	o   VGA + display (256 color video recommended)  
	o   Windows-compatible sound card recommended 


To run Microsoft Home CD Sampler:

Under Windows 95 
Insert the CD in the CD-ROM Drive.  It should start on its own or:

From the Start Menu:
	1. Click Start, Run and type:
		D:\cdsample  (where D is the CD-ROM drive)

From Windows Explorer:
	1. Click the Start button, point to Programs, and then click Windows Explorer.
	2. Click the icon for your CD-ROM drive.
	3. Double-click the Sampler application icon.

From My Computer:
	1. Double-click the My Computer icon.
	2. Click the icon for your CD-ROM drive, click the File menu, and then click Open.
	3. Double-click the Sampler application icon.

Under Windows 3.1 or higher
	1. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
	2. From the Windows Program Manager, choose Run from the File menu.
	3. In the Command Line box, type d:\sampler (where d is the letter of your CD-ROM drive). 


A small number of product demos will not run with early versions of Windows NT or early beta releases of Win '95.  These problems were corrected in the later releases of Window NT and Windows '95.

System color requirements
The Microsoft Home CD Sampler is meant to run specifically in
256 colors.  If you have trouble running the demo, it runs slow, 
or the colors look funny, or you receive error messages relating 
to your video driver, you may want to change your display driver 
settings. To do this go to Program Manager and go into Windows 
Setup in the "main" program group and change the display driver 
to one that uses 256 colors.  You may also want to change the 
resolution to 640x480 for better performance.

Video Problems
There might be some problems running the Microsoft Home CD Sampler 
with some ATI Mach 8 or 32 video drivers. If you have a problems with 
the CD Sampler when using these cards, go to the settings for these 
drivers in Program Manager and turn the "Device Bitmaps" off.

There have also been conflicts found with the Compaq/CL5428 video
drivers which ship with on-board Compaq video cards.  If you are
unable to view demos and you have that video configuration;
change your video driver to SVGA or another compatible 256-color driver.

Windows-compatible Sound Support
The Microsoft Home CD Sampler will run without a sound card, but it is much more informative and entertaining if you are able to play sounds on your computer. If you have a sound card but it is not working with the CD Sampler (or Windows) you need to set up the card to play under Windows.. Make sure that your speakers are plugged in and that the volume for is set at an audible level.

A small number of Media Vision sound card drivers (Pro Audio Spectrum cards) may not play the sound in the Microsoft Home CD Sampler correctly. You may hear choppy sound or sentences cut off. If you have a Media Vision card and experience problems, you may need to upgrade your driver. Contact Media Vision Technical support to find out how to obtain a new driver.

Running The Demo Files 
There are different ways to exit from some of the demos. You can exit from any demos that do not have an Exit button displayed by pressing the ESC key.

If you encounter other problems, exit all other applications; there may be a conflict with the CD Sampler, an individual demo or there might not be enough much available memory.
If you encounter other problems viewing the demos; you may have a hardware or video conflict; or you may need to upgrade your video driver. For more information, please contact your hardware manufacturer.

There may be problems running some of the demos if you have a partially installed or corrupted version of Video for Windows. Make sure that you have a complete version of Video for Windows installed on your system. If you do not have Video for Windows installed, or it is not correctly installed on your system, you can install it directly from the Microsoft Home CD Sampler.

To install Windows Media Player (Video for Windows) from the Home CD Sampler:
	1. Quit the CD Sampler.
	2. Click on the letter for your CD-ROM drive in Explorer or File Manager.
	3. Click on the folder VFW11.WIN.
	4. Double click on Setup.Exe.
	5. Follow the on-screen instructions until Setup is complete. You may need to reboot your system for the new system files to load.


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