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Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.14 Update (3.5"-1.44MB)

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Release Date 2011/07/11
Last Modified 2011/07/11
Uploader DeFacto
Size 1.48 MB
Original Release? Unknown
Media Type img
Source Media Unknown


MASM 6.14 includes support for the Intel Pentium Pro processor, the Intel MMX architecture, AMD 3D Technology, and Intel Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions.

Due to changes in the MS-DOS extender used in earlier versions of MASM, MASM 6.14 does not run on Windows 3.1x or MS-DOS. Either Windows NT or Windows 95 is required to run MASM 6.14. If you are working in MS-DOS or Windows 3.1x, you need to continue using version 6.11d. 

Note that you can use MASM 6.14 to develop applications that run under MS-DOS or Windows 3.1x.


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