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Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes (2009) [English-US] (DVD)

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Release Date 2020/03/23
Last Modified 2021/05/15
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Title: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes
Platform: Games for Windows Live (GFWL)
OS: Windows Vista/XP

If installing on Windows 7 or later, install the latest Games for Windows - LIVE software here:

Developers: Krome Studios
Publishers: LucasArts, Disney Interactive Studios
Engines: Merkury Engine
Release date: October 6th, 2009

Game Description:
The game allows players to play as Jedi Knights, Clone Troopers and other characters, and contains 40 missions. The gameplay changes on certain missions. On missions with Jedi characters, it is platforming based. On missions with Clone characters, it is third-person shooting based. The game has a similar visual look to the series on which it is based

The game takes place between Season 1 and Season 2 of the television series. The game's primary antagonists are bounty hunter Cad Bane, Skakoan mercenary Kul Teska and Sith Lord Count Dooku along with his apprentice Asajj Ventress.


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