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Palantir WinText and WinTime Demo (1988-06-13) [English] (5.25"-1.2MB)

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Release Date 2019/08/10
Last Modified 2019/08/10
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WinText and WinTime Demo
Released 6/13/1988 by Palantir Inc. / Priam
For Windows 1.03 and 2.x.

Image quality: not professionally mastered.

This is a demo disk that contains limited functional demonstration
versions of the Palantir Wintext Word Processor and WinTime resource
scheduling application. The demo version does not include the spell


Palantir WinText is an executive level word processor for Microsoft
Windows. It's primary claim to fame: it was advertised as the first
word processor for Windows other than Write.

WinText features the ability to open multiple document windows at the
same time, either overlapped or tiled. It features the ability to
embed graphics, includes a spell checker (but not in the demo) and
hyphenator, handles files of indefinite length, includes mail merge,
boilerplates, multilevel undo, page preview, and document import file

Like other standard Windows applications, it can share data between
most other Windows programs via the Windows Clipboard, and supports
all printers supported by Windows.

It was criticized for being slow compared to DOS programs due to the
overhead of Microsoft Windows, as well as requiring a mouse for some
operations rather than the keyboard. It was also priced rather high
for functionally comparable word processors.

Palantir announced WinText along with a few other Windows
applications [in summer
1987]( It is
a little unclear exactly when they started shipping but it was among
the earlier commercial Windows word processors, if not the first.

NBI Legend 1.0, arguably more of a desktop publisher than word
processor, was released around that time (late 87 or early 88), and
Samna Ami 1.0 shortly after. Microsoft Word 1.0 for Windows was not
released until November 1989.

This demo version requires Windows 1.03 or later. It is crashy under
1.01. Requires at least 512k RAM.


Palantir WinTime is a resource scheduling program for Microsoft 
Windows that can coordinate schedules across multiple individuals. A 
network aware version was available under the name NetTime.

This demo version requires Windows 1.03 or later.

Palantir also produced a spreadsheet called "WinCalc", a database
called "WinFiler", offered the spell checker standalone as "Windows 
Spell", a network version of WinTime called "NetTime", and a 
telecommunication program called "Windows InTalk", an image manager 
called "WinLook", a paint program called "WinPaint", possibly a font 
editor called "WinFonts".

Archive includes one 1.2mb 5.25" floppy disk image. 




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