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Instant Artist 1.0 for DOS (1992) [English] (5.25-1.2MB)

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Release Date 2017/12/03
Last Modified 2017/12/03
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 1.23 GB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux scp
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
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Instant Artist 1.0 for DOS
Released in 1992 by Autodesk

Image quality: No write notch/unmodified

Instant Artist, later renamed to Print Artist, is a greeting card and
sign creation program that uses vectorized graphics. It was first
sold by AutoDesk, and later by Sierra On-line.

This is the DOS version of the Instant Artist 1.0 product. There as
also a version for Windows 3.0.

This version includes built-in support for a wide variety of
printers, and includes a large variety of vectorized clipart.

At the time, similar competing programs primarily used bit-mapped
graphics. Because vector art scales up to even the highest resolution
printers, Instant Artist 1.0 prominently advertises that there will
be "No more jaggies!"

Minimum requirements:
IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/1, PS/2 or 100% compatible
512K RAM with DOS 3.0 or higher
Hard drive with 5.5MB free
High density floppy drive
Supports Hercules monographics, MCGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, and VESA.
Microsoft compatible mouse

Printer support includes over 185 printers, including most laser and 
PostScript printers, and 9-pin and 24-pin dot matrix printers.




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