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NewWord 1.29 (1983) [English] (5.25"-320KB)

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Release Date 2015/12/06
Last Modified 2015/12/06
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 1.39 GB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux scp imd
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Floppy


NewWord 1.29
Released in 1983 by NewStar / Rocky Mountain Software

NewWord is a clone of WordStar created by former MicroPro employees.
It filled a gap for WordStar users as WordStar 3.3 went unupdated,
and eventually became the basis for WordStar 4.0.

It requires 96K or ram and is compatible with IBM PC, PCJr, Corona
PC, and Columbia Data Products PC.




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