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CivCity Rome (2006) [Spanish] (DVD)
Category Abandonware   /   Games   /   PC (Windows)   /  
Release Date 2019/09/30
Uploader Exemptus
Size 1.91 GB
Original Release? Yes
Media Content discimagecreator
Last Modified 2021/06/27
Source Media DVD-ROM


CivCity: Rome [Spanish]

Publisher: MK Interactive
Developer: Firefly Studios

Imaged from original Spanish media.

S/N: None needed.
No hardcopy manual included.

EAN-13: 8-423817-602526

File List

File Path File Name Size Download
/ artwork.rar 139.90 MB (139,902,063 bytes) Login required
/ media_dic.rar 1.68 GB (1,678,226,478 bytes) Login required

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