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VisiCorp VisiSpell 1.00 (1983-09-05) (5.25"-320KB)

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Release Date 2015/05/31
Last Modified 2015/05/31
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 43.89 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type kryoflux scp cp2 transcopy
Artwork artwork
Source Media Floppy


VisiSpell 1.00 (Double Sided)
Released in 1983 by VisiCorp
Image quality: used

VisiSpell is a standalone spell checker for DOS, that is intended for
use with VisiCorp VisiWord but can be used with any text document.

This version uses double-sided disk media that combines the system
and dictionary programs on to one disk.

This archive contains one 320k disk image.

IMPORTANT: This software contains copy protection, and no known
unprotect exists. 




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