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Beat Saber (2016-10-20) (alpha)

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Release Date 2019/06/04
Last Modified 2019/06/04
Uploader Edness
Size 48.77 MB
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This was released officially by the lead developers as a 1st anniversary gift.

The text below is copied from their page:

Beat Saber celebrates 1st year anniversary!

Dear players, we are celebrating! Beat Saber was released on PC exactly one year ago and it has been such a ride! Who could even imagine, right? After one year of Beat Saber's existence, there is so many of you who are part of the community. Since the release on May 1st, 2018 – Beat Saber has been downloaded more than 1 million times and there is thousands of you being active every day. For us as indie developers, this is a dream come true. We couldn't be more grateful.

We would like to thank you to everyone involved – doesn't matter if you are enjoying the game as a player or you are also creating content for it. All of you are such an important part of the game and without you the Beat Saber community wouldn't be the best VR community in the world. You make other people happy and keep the game exciting. Thank you for that!

We have so many ideas for upcoming features, new music and cool perks for the game. The only thing which ever limited us is time, because our team stays almost as small as it was at the beginning. But we will keep going, working on Beat Saber and improving it every day to bring you the best VR rhythm game ever. We know we started something big and our plan is to make it even bigger and better!

Thank you to every single player out there who supports our team. You are the best squad!

We celebrate – you get the present!
Since it's our first year anniversary, we wanted to give you something special, something what's close to our heart. In 2016, our lead developers Jan “Split” Ilavský and Vladimír “Lokiman” Hrinčár created the very early build of Beat Saber. The game had only one level and music was made by Split. They showcased Beat Saber at several events to thousands of people, but still, not many people had a chance to try it.

Today, we would like to share this first version with all of you so you can play it. Split, Lokiman and the team put so much effort into the game since this first version and now you can see how much Beat Saber changed since then.

Have fun,

Your Beat Saber team! 


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