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EuroTalk Interactive World Talk Learn Irish (1999) [English] [Gaelic] (CD)

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Release Date 2023/01/11
Last Modified 2023/01/11
Uploader MyFaceNeverWhen
Size 442.94 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type mdf/mds
Artwork artwork
Source Media CD-ROM


This is one of the more obscure EuroTalk releases, so here's what i've gathered (and some info about the small box that had it and the manual):

+ This release has an identity crisis; the disk says 1999 and the missing box that had the CD in the first place says 2000. To simplify the process it will have the date of 1999.
+ Yes, the box that had the CD (and the manual, even!) is missing. I could not get scans of it because, well, I lost it. I will update this release once I find it.
+ It has both English and Gaelic.




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