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PeachText 5000 r2.02 (1983) [English] (5.25"-160KB)

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Release Date 2018/12/28
Last Modified 2019/09/26
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 1.79 GB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux scp imd
Artwork artwork
Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
Source Media Floppy


PeachText 5000
Released in 1983 by Peachtree Software Incorporated

Image Quality: Unmodified

PeachText 5000 is a complete personal productivity system for word
processing, financial modeling, mailing lists and simple database
management. It contains a thesaurus, spell checker, and file
conversion tools.

This archive contains six 160k 5.25" floppy disk images.

Important: These images are formatted for DOS 1.x and may not open in
tools like WinImage.

This version specifically supports the IBM Personal Computer, Compaq
Portable Computer, Texas Instruments Professional Computer, and
Zenith Z-100 Series

Requires that ANSI.SYS is loaded.




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