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Show Partner FX 3.2 (1988) [English] (3.5"-720KB)

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Release Date 2020/01/30
Last Modified 2020/01/30
Uploader JustZisGuy
Size 691.27 MB
Original Release? Yes
Media Type img kryoflux
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Documentation documentation documentation (pdf)
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Show Partner FX 3.2

Released in 1988 by Brightbill-Roberts and Company, Ltd.

Show Partner is a powerful desktop presentation graphics tool for
MS-DOS. With it, you can create or edit graphics, capture screen
shots, and assemble them in to an automated redistributable slide
show. It supports animations, scripting, and numerous transition
effects. It includes screen capture tools for DOS and Windows
1.x/2.x. Show Partner is designed to show presentations directly on
your computer screen, rather than printouts or slides.

For the best presentation compatibility, Show Partner primarily uses
CGA. However, this version supports IBM EGA and VGA.

It competed against presentation products such as IBM Storyboard, but
does not include automated graphing capabilities like Harvard
Graphics or PowerPoint.

Show Partner was briefly bundled with Microsoft mice and the
Microsoft Mouse 6.00 driver software.




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