Proving that other Longhorn SKUs exist.

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Proving that other Longhorn SKUs exist.

Post by ATeamInc »

I was reading the LH4008 guide at Chris123nt, and I saw this:
Chris123nt wrote:What editions of Longhorn will be available by

According to the new information released at WinHEC, Longhorn will have 4 editions, based off what is called a “Base OS”. What happens, is you take the Base OS, and add “SKU”s to it, meaning it will be able to release updates and customize the Longhorn CDs through an unattended script, called “unattend.xml”.

· SKU #1 – “Home Edition”

· SKU #2 – “Professional Edition”

· SKU #3 – “Media Center Edition”

· SKU #4 – “Tablet PC Edition”

Remember, the names of each edition could be changed at any time.
I thought this was supposed to be a plan for the future, until I saw this:
Chris123nt wrote:Image
Was TweakNT used for this, or this build has another SKU, or is the unattend.xml file used here? You can clearly see the pig latin home edition build string. I am curious to say the least.

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Re: Proving that other Longhorn SKUs exist.

Post by LuLu »

tweakNT does it
mind you that almost all leaked versions are from "Professional" sku
(think that 4066 came in ent, can't remember now...)

but Pro was always "full blown" version, as Ultimate is for Vista/7
tho according to Grabberslasher, every build came out in every SKU during compile

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Re: Proving that other Longhorn SKUs exist.

Post by BF10 »

Currently, only all of the leaked Longhorn builds except 4028 and 4066 released only in Professional SKU. 4028 and 4066 released in Server Enterprise SKU. Knowing that stuff like the green OOBE/setup background was used in a few files from the Longhorn builds exists, I'm pretty sure that there is a Home Edition SKU floating out there and no one has managed to find one yet (not even 4074).

I also wonder what the Media Center and Tablet PC SKUs would be like on Longhorn 4029-4039.

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Re: Proving that other Longhorn SKUs exist.

Post by winnt32 »

there are screenshots of 3683 Freestyle/Media Centre Edition

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