Any way to logon onto 4093?

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Any way to logon onto 4093?

Post by ATeamInc »

Well, the timebomb has exploded, and patching winlogon.exe doesn't work. I have already set the bios date and this build was working fine until I installed VMware Tools (which is kinda stupid in a way that it syncs the date even when you tell it not to :? ).

I need to use TweakNT or AntiWPA but the problem (obviously) is that I can't login anymore. Safe mode is completely broken (the drvstore.sdb file is missing and getting 4074's one won't work). CHKDSK /r didn't fix it, and I can't login normally.

Any ideas? I don't want to stay another 3 HOURS for this to finish again since I forgot to create a snapshot.

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This build as well as other Longhorn (404x and above) builds are quite stable and work very well if you disable the built-in Administrator and create a new user account that belongs to all groups. For example, 4042 has WinFS working out of the box, 4074 less memory leaks, and 4093 didn't even crash once on me yet when in normal use. The only thing that makes 4093 unusable is due to the HUGE amount of bugs that are present here and there (such as "Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM into drive A:")

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Re: Any way to logon onto 4093?

Post by gtgamer468 »

I don't think you want to re-install the build from scratch in a different VMware virtual machine, do you? I don't really really see any other choice, but maybe it's because I don't know much about Longhorn builds.

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