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 PostPost subject: Regarding KB3056022        Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:53 pm 
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Thu May 01, 2014 10:26 pm


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Yesterday MS pushed an update to Windows 10 Server build 9841 that extends the timebomb in build 9841 of Windows 10.
The download link is here: ... x?id=46447 Only available in x64.
The version is 6.4.9841.17 (fbl_release_september.150410-2107) according to BuildFeed and the versions of the files after expanding with expand -f:* (because the files inside the cab by default are in PA30 format).
The digital signature says the following:
WindowsThreshold Hotfix MSU Package

The XML inside the msu has nothing interesting in it.
The TXT though has the following link:
which is supposed to be a KB link but it's broken.
According to the TXT, the applicability info of this MSU is:
-Windows 6.4 Client;
-Windows 6.4 Server Core;
-Windows 6.4 Embedded;
-Windows 6.4 Server;
-Windows 6.4 WinPE;
"Windows 6.4 Client"... hmm that'd mean Windows 10 build 9841.17 client? Or is it just a leftover from something? Also listed are "Server Core", "WinPE", and "Embedded".
And, thanks to Hounsell on OSBA for the tip, if you check inside the xrm-ms files after extracting you'll come across a mysterious encrypted Base64 string, the timebomb:
<sl:policyBin name="Kernel-ExpirationDate" attributes="override-only">3wcKAAEAFwA7ADsAAAAAAA==</sl:policyBin>

So, here are my questions:
-Why are the other editions listed (Client, etc.) when this is clearly designed for Server?
-Which files store the timebomb? I couldn't find anything myself yet. :-/
-What Base64 format is the date encrypted in?
Hope this topic is useful, and someone can answer my questions.

You cannot escape Windows 10.

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