Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 9x

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Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 9x

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Hey guys, I once tried to install the regular version of Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 98 First Edition by installing KernelEx 4.5.2018.20 and then I have set the compatibility mode of the setup program extractor for Windows Media Player 10 to Windows XP but when I opened it throwed up a error saying something like this version of windows media player 10 can only be runned on Windows XP 32 bit but when I extracted the files of this setup progam extractor by using 7zip and opened the setup program of this version of Windows Media Player 10, the setup launched without an error but just quickly after it starts to copy the files it had disappeared and then opened the welcome to Windows Media Player 9 instead. I also did the same thing for the Windows 2000 version of it by putting the updated version of msvcrt.dll and gdiplus.dll to C:\Windows\System and then extracted the files of the setup program extractor of the windows 2000 version of this program and then opened the setup program for it and it installed just fine but when I tried to open Windows Media Player 10, nothing happened. Any ideas. Interestingly someone got this version of Windows Media Player to work on Windows NT 4.0

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Re: Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 9x

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I think if you want to get WMP10 working the missing functions would need to be added to the .DLL's but if you are trying to do it on Windows 9x you have slimmer chances of getting it working correctly, the NT editions of Windows is your best bet, try using Windows XP .DLL's on Windows 2000 and see if it will work.

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Re: Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 9x

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You do not have to use XP DLL's on win2k for wmp10, just use BWC's version of WMP11 for win2k (note you might need kernelex)
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Re: Windows Media Player 10 on Windows 9x

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There's an unofficial update for Windows 98/Me called 98MP10: ... lacements/

It looks and feels very similar to WMP9 nonetheless.

As for win2k, you do need the extended kernel for WMP 10/11 (though the installer for WMP10 is also compatible with the long-abandoned KDW which predates the kernel).

The WMP10 on NT4 was accomplished using another extended kernel, which has yet to receive a public release.

Your best shot at getting the original MS WMP10 package to work would be on Me, which has several extra APIs not included in 98/SE. In conjunction with kernelex, they allowed the OS to top out a Flash version or two higher than 98SE.
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