[OFFER] Bootable Windows NT 3.51 SP5 ISO

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[OFFER] Bootable Windows NT 3.51 SP5 ISO

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Hello! Here is the result of my attempts to integrate SP5 and post-SP5 patches into original Windows NT 3.51 distribution. Registry is also modified:
http://sbornik-obrazov-dlya-bochs-i-qem ... 51_UPD.iso

Other advantages:
AGP Support out of box
UniATA and VIA IDE drivers (load them by F6)
SuperPack v7 from bearwindows
Some common system libraries which were not provided with NT 3.51 by default (to support more applications)
MESA 3D v6.32 (instead of built-in OpenGL support)
MDAC 1.5c, MS Jet 3.51 SP3, NetShow 2.0, ActiveMovie, DIVX, Indeo, Printer Drivers (in separate folders, can be installed later)

Sometimes NT can give CPISetup Error 5 after copying files at 2nd stage (nothing serious, I think)
FAT 32 is not supported (I did not include ashedel's driver, because it is buggy and can cause data corruption).
FRAMEBUF.DLL is not copied automatically (even if I add a line inside txtsetup.sif). You still have to do it manually.

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