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 PostPost subject: [Guide] PSP GO - The ULTIMATE Retro Gaming Emulator        Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 5:01 pm 
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Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:43 pm


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*Firstly some disclaimers - Due to the dubious legality of the distribution of ROMs in certain parts of the world, I will not provide download links to any games or other copyrighted material, so don't ask. (A simple Google search will usually find what you're looking for. - Additionally, I will [b]not be held responsible for any damage to your PSP or other equipment. You continue at your own risk, and none of the methods shown in this post are officially supported by Sony.*[/b]

If you know anything about the PSP, the chances are you've heard of the PSP GO. Commercially the GO was a flop for many reasons, the lack of a UMD drive, higher price tag, lack of a mini-USB port, mediocre battery life and many other contributing factors. The PSP GO was eventually discontinued in 2011 due to poor sales by Sony, despite their best efforts to market the device as a worthy upgrade to the PSP, something it simply wasn't. Despite the fact the PSP GO is all but obsolete in terms of an being a PSP replacement, thanks to the ever-thriving homebrew scene of the PSP, its legacy lives on, and I am going to show you why this console still has potential even today - And if you read the title of this thread, you'll already know why. What makes the PSP GO especially great over the other PSP models (In which this method will work, apart from the E models) is the 16gb internal storage. This is ideal for all your retro needs!

So, what can the PSP GO do? Well... You could continue to play the handful of PSP games available to download from the PSN store, or you could turn your device into the Ultimate Retro Games Emulator. Sound exciting? Well read on to find out how this is done. Before we begin, please make sure you have the following:

-PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 or PSP GO console - Must be on the latest system software. The downloads and guide on how to do this are found here.
-PSP USB cable to connect to your PC
-A memory card (Not required for PSP GO)
-An internet connection

Once you are sure you meet all of these requirements, we can get started. Please ensure you have read the disclaimer at the top of the post before proceeding with any of the instructions.
*Firstly you'll need a few files. These files are downloadable here.
*Once you have downloaded the archive, extract is somewhere safe, such as your desktop - Don't worry, this is only temporary.
*Now plug your PSP into your PC via the USB cable. On your PSP XMB, go all the way to the left, to the settings tab, and scroll down to "USB Connection".
*Allow your PC a minute or two to install the necessary drivers, then open 'Windows Explorer' & navigate to your PSP internal storage.
*Once you are in the 'Internal Storage' of the PSP, Navigate to 'PSP > Game >' & then go to the folder you extracted earlier & also navigate to 'PSP > GAME'.
*In the 'PSP > GAME' folder you downloaded, you should see 3 additional folders titled "CIPL_Flasher", "FastRecovery" & "PROUPDATE". Copy these 3 folders to the 'PSP > Game' folder on your PSP.
*Once copying has finished, press the "Circle" button on your PSP to return to the XMB & navigate to the "Game" tab. If you are using an older PSP with a memory card, scroll down to the "Memory Card" option - If you are using a PSP GO, navigate to the "System Storage" option.
*You should see 3 new options, each labeled the same as the folders you copied over. Navigate to "PRO-C Fast Recovery" and press the "X" button. Your screen should turn black.
*Press the "X" button to continue once the text is displayed on the screen. Your PSP should reboot after a couple of minutes.
*Congratulations! You have successfully modded your PSP. Please note: Every time you restart you device, you will need to run the application "PRO Update" in order to launch the modified firmware.

Now that you have modded your PSP, you are all set to install your emulators! For the sake of this guide, I will be showing you how to install the "PicoDrive (Megadrive / Genesis)" emulator, however the basic principle is the same for any other emulator you obtain. First, download the file listed below.
*Download for the PicoDrive Emulator files
-Firstly extract the "PicoDrive" folder from the ZIP archive
-As before, connect your PSP back to your PC and navigate to the "USB Connection" option.
-Open File Explorer and navigate to "Internal Storage > PSP > GAME".
-Copy the "PicoDrive" folder from your PC to your PSP.
-Once the folder is copied, open the folder you copied to your PSP on your PC and create a new folder named "ROM" in the "Internal Storage > PSP > GAME > PicoDrive" directory (This is where your ROMs go).
-Copy any of your ROM files to this directory. Then disconnect your PSP from your PC and navigate to the 'Games' tab and open "internal storage / memory card" & open the "PicoDrive" application.
-Once the app is loaded, navigate to "Load new ROM / ISO" and press the "circle" button to select it. From here you can select your 'ROM' folder & simply select your desired ROM. (Remember this application uses the "circle" button to make selections, rather than the traditional "X".

You're done! You have successfully modified your PSP and installed your first emulator! Here I have listed some emulators available for your PSP, and the "drag & drop" principle applies to all applications unless otherwise specified.
*PicoDrive - Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD
*MasterBoy - Gameboy / Gameboy Colour / Sega Master System
*Atari800 - Atari 2600 Emulator
*e[mulator] - Multi emulator - PC engine etc...
*gbSP - Gameboy Advance Emulator

I hope this guide was of some use to you. Also, I apologies if this was posted in the wrong place, but it didn't seem suited to the "Game" section of the forums as that mostly seems to be requests.

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