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Microsoft Windows is closed source software, therefore the source code is not publicly available. However, leaking of some Windows source code has occurred in 2004.

Windows NT 4.0

The Windows NT 4.00 with Service Pack 3 source code had leaked in 2004 along with the Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 source code. Many people had adverse reactions to the leak, stating that it would cause major security issues and system instability, but in 2010, Kenneth, a BetaArchive and Windows Projects Community member, compiled the Windows NT 4.00 source successfully, producing about 318MB of binaries, about 80 to 90 percent of all of the Windows NT 4.00 files in existence, note this binary drop was multi SKU, including both Windows NT 4.00 Workstation and Windows NT 4.00 Server SKUs.

Windows NT 4.00 source code had included:

  • Base Kernel (ntos)
  • HALs (ntos\hals)
  • Drivers (ntos\dd)
  • Miniports (ntos\miniport)
  • Win32 Subsystem (ntos\w32)
  • User Base (windows\base)
  • NLS
  • Accessories
  • Shell
  • SDK Tools and headers and build utilities along with the Microsoft Visual C Runtime.

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 with Service Pack 1 source code was leaked on 2004 along with Windows NT 4.00 source code. Windows 2000 source code had included:

  • Trident Engine: Microsoft Internet Explorer Engine.
  • PKI trust
  • Win32 Subsystem
  • Userbase
  • NLS
  • Shell
  • Shell with Active Desktop Update: Shell that includes Internet Explorer.
  • WinDBG 6

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 source code was released by Microsoft along with the rest of their Shared source initiative program. Windows Server 2003 code had included:

  • Base Kernel (base\ntos)
  • Base Includes (public\sdk\inc)
  • Distributed Security Includes
  • SDK Debugger Includes
  • Windows DDK Includes (SCSI and Device IO)
  • Windows HAL Kit Includes (BootVid and ARC)

This is also referred to as the Windows Research Kernel.

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